Laurelwood, Tustin CA


Laurelwood HOA is pleased to welcome Optimum Professional Property Management to our neighborhood. Our new community manager is Gabe Garcia who can be reached at or by phone at 714-508-9070 ex 293. Please disregard our contact us page for the time being. New site to be launched in July!

Welcome to Laurelwood - a progressive and close-knit family community located off I-5 and Tustin Ranch Road.

This is where you can always get the latest news about neighborhood events, meetings, and services for Laurelwood Homeowners Association and Laurelwood Townhouse Association. The board of directors invite you to frequent your association web site and feel free to provide feedback and ideas.  For current board information, click on the link labeled Board Information; for all (master) board meeting minutes, and newslett4ers, click on the link labeled Site Archive. (Try viewing this web site with Mozilla Firefox.)

  • News & Events

    All official communications to the Association should be sent to: Optimum Professional Property Management, 230 Commerce, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92602. 
  • Minutes

    Members of the Association are hereby advised that in addition to the information required by law, minutes or summary minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors are available to any member, upon written request and with the submission of payment for the cost of distribution.

  • General Notices

    The Civil Code also requires that the membership be notified of the designated area for the posting of general notices.  General notices are posted at on the bulletin board in the park and on assessment statements.  However, be advised that all owners have the option to receive general notices by individual delivery upon written notification, provided that the request is made in writing and mailed to the Association in a manner that  indicates the Association has received it.

  • Architectural

    Please submit an Architectural Application to Gabe Garcia: prior to starting any type of exterior work.  Applications may be obtained off this website under the Association Documents section; or you may contact Optimum Professional Property Management, 714-508-9070, ext. 293.

  • Days To Remember

    Laurelwood HOA Board Meeting: 3rd Tuesday of every month – 6:30 PM

  • Garbage Cans & Collection

    Garbage cans must be brought in the same day after pick up. If the holiday falls during the week, service will be one day late following the holiday.

  • CR&R - Your New Waste & Recycling Service

    Bulky Items: Call 714.372.8272 to schedule a pickup

    Web Site:

  • Coyotes

    Please always be alert for coyotes - they're trying to survive in an overdeveloped environment and your pets are fair game.  Please keep your cats and (especially small) dogs indoors.  Don't leave food outside. 

  • Tustin Graffiti Removal Hotline: 714.573.3111

    The City of Tustin provides free graffiti removal service to property owners in the city who enroll for the program.  If you wish to use the program to report graffiti for removal, call the Tustin Graffiti Removal hotline.  This is a voice mail system, so leave your name, address and the specific location of the graffiti.

  • Tustin Police Dispatch: 714.573.3225

    The Tustin Police Department will send out an officer with a radar gun if requested.  Callers must indicate the time and location of the speeding cars to catch the offenders.

  • City Of Tustin Code Enforcement: 714.651.5706

    Report any garbage cans left at the curb over 24 hours. The city charges the owner a fine of $150.00

  • Board Meetings

    See Calendar for schedule